Reply To: 2.5 months and haven't heard from him… Help!



Thank you so much for your long and thoughtful response. I had never thought about the idolizations they received as young men getting recruited by colleges. This in addition to all of those rookie parties, etc. would definitely contribute.

My father is very good at reading people – for a while he has said he wasn’t the guy for me. I work, support myself, never intended to rely on a man for his money whereas my ex’s mother seems to literally be a puppet to his father (his father was the same pro athlete thinks he’s better than everyone even though he only ever made it to the minors, etc).

My question to you is – will I ever hear from him again? Or is 2.5-3 months of not hearing a single word an indication that I will never hear from him again?

With your experience, I would love some advice on this – it seems that typical narcissists always Hoover to make sure the pain they left is still there. But it is against most things I’ve read to not hear a single word in over 2.5 months.

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