Reply To: 2.5 months and haven't heard from him… Help!



Not making any suggestions or judgment here…Closure is definitely what most of us would want. Sometimes we never get that. Maybe that’s why I’m on this forum! Why am I here???? I really don’t know, but I guess/think it really is so I can find some sort of pattern or meaning in more than 3 experiences with sociopaths/narcissists. Not only in my partners, but people in workplaces, too, and even one or two neighbors. Most of them — maybe none of them — I got no closure. I have a good man now, who treats me very well. I treat him well, too. We never have fought. I told him, and all my friends, too, that “NOBODY screams at me! Anyone who does — I walk away and never look back! I’ve spent too many years of my life being screamed at and screaming back. Never again!”

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