Reply To: 2.5 months and haven't heard from him… Help!



Oh, horrible.. You wrote: “I can’t believe that 2 weeks after talking about the future of our lives together, he cut me off cold turkey. It makes no sense.” A close relative of mine had a very similar experience. This guy she’d been close to for 3 years, did something similar. But I must say that she had broken off with him more than once, and even gave back her engagement ring one of those times. But then he gave it back when the made up. She told me she got bored with him — but then the flames would come back. Still, she was devastated when he abruptly cut her off. How it happened was, a week before Christmas he told her he wanted to spend the rest if his life with her. 3 days after that, he broke it off. They used to go to ALL the same cultural events together. So she knew, when, a few months after breaking of off with her, he had found another woman. Those two were going to the events where my relative was going. I think she still avoids her favorite places to go — and it’s been about 3 years since the breakup. She is terrified of seeing him and the other woman there. One time I went with her to a show, and she saw the two of them there — she made us move to another part of the theater. I told her that was not something I wanted to do again, so I only go other places with her, where there is no chance she might see him. But, I have urged her not to look at him or the other woman — but she always does. Big mistake.

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