Reply To: 2.5 months and haven't heard from him… Help!



Honestly thank you so much – the words help so much, I’m sure you’re aware. You’re right. To be honest I feel like he’s been getting some of his supply from controlling the dog that we got together, that’s really when everything changed, and it was so noticeable how he practically trained the dog to be a robot. The thing I had the most difficult time understanding and still don’t is – how was it SO perfect for SO long. How was it fake? He’s not that intelligent and it’s hard to believe it was all intentional. It is SO difficult to believe it was all a lie because that is INHUMANE. How could a person be so cold?

I am in denial about the falseness of the entire relationship, I’d say. I thought he was my best friend, soulmate – considered myself lucky to spend life by his side.

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