Reply To: 2.5 months and haven't heard from him… Help!



Hello, Hofren — welcome — I’m often the first to write, but Donna Anderson is the host, owner, and power behind the site, and standing side by side with us all. You wrote: “watch the light go out in her eyes” I learned something about that when I was married to husb/ #2. One time something wonderful must have been said or done, and I was very enthusiastic. The bro in law said, “Wow, Synergy! It’s nice to see you so enthusiastic!” I think that was the first time I realized something was seriously wrong. “I’m an enthusiastic person! Always have been!” I thought to myself. But I realized then that my enthusiasm had died. After I dumped him, after NINE YEARS OF SUFFERING, my enthusiasm gradually came back. But I grieved for several years, and became almost psychotic — doing things I would later be embarrassed to admit.

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