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If you need a bit more validation I was also with a very narcissistic man, who was super charismatic, very egocentric, handsome, and the life of the party. He wanted to marry me, for the first time he said he found the ‘right woman’. He planned for our future. He introduced me to friends. Fast forward 9 months and I find out he has slept with 7-10 other women, 8 confirmed.

He tried, after a time, to reconnect ‘as friends’. I did not respond. He asked a mutual friend if he should continue to try and get in touch with me and she told him no, to leave me alone.

But here is the thing, too. I changed ALL my contact information. He was not friends with my family, so no worries for me there. I DECIDED I wanted NOTHING to do with him.

Fastforward, again. I see him with a beautiful young woman, half his age, who looks absolutely drained, exhausted, blank eyed. Just like I did after just under a year.

There is no timeline for when/if these sorts will try to reconnect with their victims. It varies. Sometimes it NEVER happens. That does not mean they are not off their rockers. It just means they have moved onto more victims, more drama, more SUPPLY. When they do circle back around it is because they are out of ‘fresh meat’, and need to nibble on an ‘old carcass’. Sorry to sound so gross, but this is how they operate in the world.

Take care of yourself, cut him off. If he should try to apologize, cry, beg, and make up…IGNORE HIM. Nothing good will come of it.


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