Reply To: I feel sorry and sad for him.



Dear Pants, you didn’t get many replies so it’s possible that people have responded on another post. I will put in my .02 from someone who’s been there, albeit for a shorter time period. Trust your gut on this. If you suspect deception, what you suspect is probably just the tip of the iceberg.It took me 3 months to finally trust mine, but if I hadn’t, my situation could have been much worse. Reading your story, I also had the gut reaction that he is keeping secrets and is likely a sociopath.

As far as warning the other victims….your first priority is to get out and protect yourself – both physically and emotionally. In situations like this, warning the other victim can come back to haunt you in unforeseen ways. Unless she is a friend of yours whom you have a special interest in, I’d probably steer clear. If you feel an obligation to tell her, just tell her once, then break all ties. You gotta wonder why the wife is not connecting the dots for herself, as you are. She may be in serious denial and will partner up with the sociopath to attack you. Be careful of any connections you make with any of the sociopath’s contacts. If it were me, I’d just break all ties completely. Even if not physically violent, these people are dangerous.

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