Reply To: I can never forgive some people



Synergy, forgiveness is one of those elusive things. It seems impossible but it is doable for anyone.

If you truly understand that happiness is within your own power to create, you will see that you have the power to choose whom to love or hate. You have the power to let go of a resentment, thus breaking the energetic tie to that person. If you need help, pray and ask, and it will come to you if you are open to receiving it. There may be some things you need to do first, like writing a letter to get the anger out. Or hitting pillows or taking some other action. Maybe you first need to forgive yourself for being resentful. Or maybe there is some sort of fear or guilt or beliefs about forgiveness that get in your way keeping you stuck. Ask for guidance and be honest with yourself about what is in the way. If you wholeheartedly intend to move forward, you can and you will. The obstacles will come up and you can address them. It’s important to know that the power to do this lies within YOU and not the other person. It’s great if you could get closure with people who betray you, if they could make it right to you and own up to their responsibility. Some people just can’t or won’t, for whatever reason. Don’t give those people the power to ruin your life by dragging you down with resentment.

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