Reply To: Please help me..



Baby Red, your story broke my heart. I’m so so sorry for the devastating losses of both your son and your sister. I can only imagine how overwhelming the grief is and how it must be taking vital energy you need now to move on from your longtime abusive partner. You will probably need help and a good in-person support system, along with Lovefraud, which is a Godsend.

For all you have been through, there is a reason you are here on the planet, and in some strange way, all of this hardship is part of it – to make you stronger in some way. You are fortunate to find Lovefraud. 20 years ago a site like this would not exist, and back in the 60’s and 70’s there weren’t even any computers. This is one very tiny positive, though it may not seem like much.

The other positive is that you have woken up to the nightmare. It means you are sane, and it means there is hope for your recovery. Please try to keep in mind a light at the end of the tunnel. It may feel dark and overwhelming right now, but you can get there. So sorry for all of your pain.



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