Reply To: I can never forgive some people



Cloud79 and Jan 7 — I just thought of something else, re: my previous post. I wrote: “To me, ‘I repent’ means he will not do it again.” But if he DOES do it again, this is not true repentance. So, it’s not something we can forgive a second time. ONE trespass against me is not allowed, at least in some cases. I have told my friends and family, “NOBODY yells at me. If they do, I turn around and walk away and NEVER LOOK BACK.” I say, “I’ve spent too many years of my life being yelled at, and yelling back. No more.” I’m also attuned to put-downs. Sociopaths, as we know, are very charming at first. Then, they “turn.” I remember one shock, when I made the mistake of not stopping the relationship right then and there. This guy who I later married, used to tell me how beautiful I was/am. Then, one day, we passed by a costume shop. There was a large gorilla costume in the window. He said with a laugh, “Looks like you!” If I get something that again, which I never do now, I would turn around, and walk away for good. No excuses, no apology, no reasoning from him. That’d be IT for him. Or her.

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