Reply To: I can never forgive some people



I think the bottom line is we must listen to your gut. There have been studies that we humans can determine an honest person within 3 seconds of meeting them. So if your gut alarm goes off, listen to it.

Also I think it is important with a good person to have good communication. Sometimes it’s our lack of communication that gets us into unnecessary conflicts, so can lack of sleep or other things on our mind that are effecting our logical thinking when dealing with others.

What I know for sure with this is if you are getting the run around from someone that you what to discuss a conflict issue with…you are dealing with someone that might have a disorder. It is normal to usually come out with an apology if you say to them “the way you spoke to me the other day hurt me” but if you get a blame shift like “well it’s your fault” then analysis this. Were you actually to blame ? or is this person blame shifting?

My ex h (sociopath) was a master at turning everything around to blame me AND a master at switching the subject off of what hurt me. He knew how to mess with my mind & others. He was playing a game & I was not. If you see someone is playing a game…RUN away!!

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