Reply To: I can never forgive some people



I thing this horrible experience taught me is not to give third or even second chances to people. This is when they take advantage of you. Since then I completely ceased contact with my toxic, manipulative and abusive mother . After she tried to brainwash my daughter during Christmas time and even physically attacked me. Not only I have never had any support from her, she used to always blame me for everything and tell me that I am not good enough for anything. When I was kicked and beaten up by my now ex husband. She told me off for calling the police as I was apparently causing trouble for him . I swear to God I will never contact her again and will never forgive her either.
I also deleted about 40 people from my Facebook. Blocked several people who I considered friends but I realised that the relationship with them has always been one sided . I honestly don’t need individuals like that in my life. No more chances and no forgiveness for those who purposefully and methodically try to ruin my life !

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