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Loplaus36, you should not advertise for this company on Lovefraud. so it’s best to delete that portion of your post.

As for the rest of your post…you should NEVER change your body to please someone else.

There are many RED FLAGS with your post.

1. “All he wants from me is sex, sex and only sex. This is what sociopaths only want other then power & control over someone.

2. Pushing you to get breast implants is dangerous. Your gut is going off telling you so. Listen to your gut alarm!!. And what most women dont realize with implants is that you must change out your breast implants after so many years. So it’s not just one surgery you are looking at. It’s many surgeries during your life.

YOUR BODY IS FINE THE WAY IT IS!!! Dont let anyone else tell you otherwise. Especially this guy who appears to be using you.

I would highly recommend that you contact your local abuse center and go for free counseling so you can learn what emotional & mental abuse are and how to exit this relationship safely. In the USA 800-799-SAFE is the National domestic violence hotline & they can give you local numbers in the USA. IF not in the USA then just google the words “National domestic violence hotline” with your countries name.

A man that only wants sex from you it not worth your time. There are 7 billion people on this planet. Half are male and half of them are in your age group. So why are you settling for this guy??

Do you know you deserve better?

You must weed out the bad guys from the good. If you have a bad guy throw him back in the see and find a nice guy who wants a loving, kind respectful NORMAL relationship.

This guy will never give you or any other woman that kind of relationship.

Do you know if he is married?

Or has many woman on the side?

This is dangerous with STD’s etc. So be careful.

Steven Hassan of Freedom of mind resource center and book author of Freedom of mind states that anyone and everyone can get sucked up into a cult or domestic abusive relationship especially if they have just had a life change such as a divorce, breakup, death in the family, moved to a new city etc. So it is not surprising that you were targeted by this guy just after you divorced.

The fact that you just were divorced when this guy manipulated you into a relationship is a RED FLAG. Your gut is telling you that he took advantage of you. And now you feel stuck in this relationship because you are afraid to be alone.

But I can promise you this…with time you will be happier alone then with this guy who is taking advantage of you.

Ask this question instead:

What if you leave him?

What would you want your life to look like without him in it?

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