Reply To: Types of psychopaths



I only come onto this website about once a week on a Friday (Friday because it is the start of the weekend), so I apologize if it seems I am not responding in a timely manner.

Thank you for your hugs, I need them and value them. I’m doing more or less fine. I had a bit of a rough patch….. the sociopath I was working with has done a huge smear campaign on me so it is harder to get new project work. I can’t ask for a reference because my old boss believed the psychopath. It isn’t a big deal as I have enough money coming in to pay my bills, but it is the unfairness that still niggles me. I’m quite shocked at how readily people are gaslit about me AFTER they have known me and worked with me for years.

I don’t think people really think about things. I’m big on letting actions speak louder than words (which is how I figured out that my colleague was a sociopath). I think most people just believe what other people tell them. This intellectual laziness is what sociopaths rely on.

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