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I think you are right. The saddest bit is the injustice of being blamed by flying monkeys who choose to believe a pathologically lying psychopath.

She teamed up with the other (male) colleague at the work-site. I worked in a 3 person site-office, (me and the two of them) so there were no witnesses. The woman told the male colleague some lie about me, which enraged him. So he comes in and assaults me while she steals my laptop and backup drive, with all my work files.

I reported the incident to the police and my employer. However, the s’path emailed my manager who works at a different site, and told him I had had a “mental health episode”, which he believed.

My manager accused me of being “in denial” about my mental health issues and hasn’t put me on any other projects since. Other colleagues have blocked my emails. One told me I should apologize to these two, and then he blocked me. I still don’t know the details of what I am supposed to have done, or what my alleged mental health episode was about. No one sent me a get-well card with good wishes.

This female colleague pretended to be super-qualified in all sorts of fields (at least three different professions). However, no one asked themselves why a such a highly qualified and experienced emergency medical professional would be so shaken by a mental health “episode” of a senior citizen twice her age and half her size. Like, why didn’t she call for an ambulance if she was so worried about me, instead of emailing my boss????

I predict she will continue to gaslight her male friend/co-worker until it ends violently. If my former boss sends a replacement for me, this person is at risk, and I included that warning in my workplace incident report. I think these two losers will end up with her pushing him too far. Then he will beat her up in a rage, or kill her. He has a lot of guns and keeps them loaded. Otherwise, she will devalue and discard him and he will kill himself. I don’t give a f%^&*.

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