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Donna Andersen

Mikederek -I am so glad that you got this evil person out of your life.

Your intuition was working right from the very beginning. Our intuition is designed to protect us from predators, and you encountered a predator. So you were on to him from the very beginning. The problem was that you did not have the empirical understanding that psychopaths exist, so you were not able to make sense of the internal warnings that you were receiving.

Now you do understand what your instincts were trying to tell you. The good news is that, with your new understanding, you will never ignore your instincts again. And that is what will keep you safe.

When you thought you saw “good” under his darkness — well, that was your own empathy. And again, your ignorance that psychopaths exist.

It was certainly a pretty scary experience for you. Now you will be better able to protect yourself.

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