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From your accounts, it sounds like your ex is dangerous, and potentially dangerous to you. His fascination with the organs from the cadavers and his murder fantasy involving you are frightening. It is possible he sent you those photos of organs from his work (probably illegal for him to have done so) to test your reaction. If you showed fascination perhaps he would have encouraged you to join him in doing some very dark things. Keep in mind that he may already have done horrible things that you don’t happen to know about.

Psychopaths are capable of anything because they do not have the normal restrictions of conscience and of not wanting to hurt others, which prevent normal folks from doing things solely for their own gain. Spaths do not bond. My ex psychopath told me he didn’t think he bonded with his mother.
When I told that bizarre statement to a friend of mine, friend said, ‘well if he didn’t bond with his mom, he isn’t going to bond with anyone.’

Spaths have preferences for specific things they want – money, power, prestige, to act out sexual fantasies, whatever. They will use whatever tactics that they believe will get them what they want if they believe they won’t get caught – lie, steal, cheat, murder, whatever. There is no limit, other than fear of being caught. Many have done terrible things and never got caught.

Their specific preferences may change, like a normal person may decide to give up tennis and take up kayaking; but spaths’ disordered motivations don’t change, like a normal person’s caring about the well being of others and personal values of right and wrong don’t generally change.

You might find the book, The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker helpful. The author also provides a free threat assessment It helps to organize one’s thoughts to determine how dangerous a disordered person is.

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