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AnnettePK and Sunnygal,
Thanks for your validation. It is so good to have people who actually understand the dynamics. Annette, I could have pressed charges, but it would have been a he-said-she-said type situation and these two are pretty good liars. I think pursuing this would have just given them fodder to say, “see, we told you Madelaine was crazy”.

I think they expected me to just go away and tell my boss a narrative that confirmed their story that I left in tears after some paranoid rantings about having my stuff stolen. That is actually the grain of truth. I DID leave in tears etc etc. What was obviously left out of the story for my boss was that I was ambushed and my possessions were stolen. I’m pretty sure they expected me to tell him what happened in a teary way that would confirm their account. That’s exactly why I didn’t go into details about the assault with my boss. Even so, when I simply denied that I had had a ‘mental health episode’, my boss called me a liar.

I used to work in mental health, and before the attack I had just figured out that the woman was a sociopath. After weeks of listening to her stories (in every story she was either a wonderful hero or a terrible victim) and being confused about why her words and actions were not congruent, I figured out what was going on. I mentally ran the psychopathy checklist on her, and she ticked almost all of the diagnostic criteria. I knew I was in a precarious situation (in an isolated rural site). That is when I wrote the email to my boss that stated I did not want to work with her any more. That was the email she hacked.

The next day I was attacked.

Afterwards, I don’t think either of them realized I knew what I was up against and could predict their next move (the triangulation and smear campaign). So I deliberately played it as unemotionally as I could to undermine the “crazy” reputation I predicted they would dump on me. I wrote a detailed description of what happened immediately. I attached this as part of the police report. My police statement indicated that I was very concerned that they had stolen my personal and professional files, many of which were confidential.

I put in a 5 sentence workplace incident report, and also emailed my boss that I strongly advised him NOT to send anyone else to work with these two.

So the situation now is that these two people were claiming I had a “mental health episode”, but I have been rational, sane and professional since the attack. Had I not been involved with a sociopath prior to all this, I would not have been prepared for the flying monkeys and character assassination.

Despite my unemotional reporting of the situation, I was badly traumatized by the whole deal. I got PTSD from it and had a pretty bad flashback when I saw on tv that clip of the man being dragged from the United Airways airplane a few months ago. That was similar to what happened to me. It was shocking, brutal and unbelievable.

The whole point of what those two did to me was planned in advance and organized so that I would be totally shocked and humiliated, and would provoke a “mental health episode”. It was a close call: I was terrified and crying uncontrollably, much like the man in the plane video. However, I think I had a fairly normal reaction to being ambushed, rather than a random “mental health episode” they described to my boss.

If these two do this again to someone else, and the target goes to the police, there will be a prior incident on record. By putting a workplace incident report in, it would get back to them that I had gone to the police. Now they know there is police report, which gives me safety without me having to break “no contact” with them. I hope my boss is smart enough not to send anyone to replace me even if he does think I am a crazy liar.

As I said earlier, they are so volatile, and the woman is so manipulative that I expect some variation of a murder-suicide scenario within the next few years. She has been lying to this man that she has qualifications she simply doesn’t have, and has been claiming she has done work she actually doesn’t know how to do. When he finally figures out that he has been gas-lit by her FOR YEARS, he will be violently angry.

I have enough work to pay my bills, but I miss that job. I had worked for the company for 3 years and it is unfair that I lost work I enjoyed because of those two. I try not to dwell on this aspect of the experience too much. It could have been much, much worse.

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