Reply To: I think my son's father is a sociopath



IAmStuckAgain, The situation you’re finding yourself in is heartbreaking. it sounds like you did a great job of taking care of yourself, getting sober, having a job and a home. You must have worked very hard to accomplish all that. Congratualtions on your successes. You can feel proud of yourself for all that you have accomplished.

I can relate to the despair you feel at the possibility that your son is disordered. It is also a lot to grieve to find out that your ex is a sociopath who tricked you into caring for him so that he could exploit you. You cared about the person he said he was; it is beyond horrible that he doesn’t care about your well being. He doesn’t care about anyone.

How old is your son? Is he under 2? If he is young, the traits you’re concerned about may be within the normal range for a child. For example, it is normal for some teenagers to behave in selfish uncaring ways, and then develop empathy when they mature. If your son truly is disordered, there are ways of parenting that can help get the best outcome possible. There is a lot of good information here: As is the case with an autistic child, even if you do your best for the child, there’s no cure. It’s not your fault, and the outcome is not completely under your control.

Are you away from your sociopath partner? The best thing you can do for yourself and your son is to get away from the sociopathic father and have as little contact as possible. He sounds particularly evil, considering his ability to fake being a normal loving man so well in order to trap you.

Take care. If you’re doing your best, that’s all you can do. Things will get better for you.

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