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Sunnygal, I am not working there any more. I have a contract with the company, but I worked on various projects. As one project finished, I would be sent to another one. This project was in an isolated location 1000 miles from my home. I would fly up every couple of weeks and stay there for a couple of weeks. That’s why I was so isolated and terrified. I was far away from any support. All my other project work has been in an office or working from home.

Since the incident, my boss has not given me any more work. So technically I am still under contract, but effectively I am not employed. I can pick up bits and pieces of work here and there, but it is not as regular as they contracted job I had. I guess I should stop calling my boss “my boss” and call him my “former boss” (although I am still under contract should he decide to give me more work).

I think one dynamic in this is that he called me a liar and told me to contact those two and make them feel better because they were so (fake) concerned about me. So now he knows there is a police report he’s probably worried that he did not act appropriately and wants to avoid me to protect himself. He also probably needs to justify his actions by getting all my colleagues to block me. He’s got strong narcissistic tendencies, which is probably how those two con artists got him to believe them in the first place. He is easily flattered and very quick to make judgements without thinking things through.

Annette, my view of how dangerous “normal” people can be is what triggers my ptsd. How could airport police drag a paying customer off a plane in what is a normal everyday situation?

So far I’ve only had one flashback, and that was because the trigger was so close to what I experienced. With any luck I won’t see any more instances of normal people abusing their power just because they want to “win” a game they are playing in their heads.

Also, thanks for the validation re how I handled it. As I said, I had been involved with a sociopath before and I knew what was coming so was able to act in the opposite way that they intended. The down side is that the police report does not reflect the emotional trauma, so the consequences are under-reported in terms of the damage they actually did. However, my main aim was to protect my professional reputation.

I didn’t realize at the time I would suffer ptsd as a result. It was the planned part of the ambush that shook me to my core. The woman and I had a normal morning until the man came in and attacked me. THEN she moved in to take my laptop and back up copies and destroy my paperwork. It was well planned and executed like a military operation. I had done nothing to the male to provoke an attack. He just walked in the front door and went for me.

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