Reply To: Do I sacrifice my 15 year old son whose father is a sociopath to save my family?



Bradys1mom, heart wrenching post. I’m so sorry that you are literally in hell with this evil man & the courts are clueless. The court system is a joke when dealing with a sociopath. They are so clueless & their approach is to “reason” with a sociopath mean while they are being conned by them!!

Look at the site One moms battle. com. Tina Swiften went thur hell trying to divorce a narcissist & protect her own children from him. She then went on to start her website & wrote two books. If you go to the top right corner do a search on “Tina Swiften” & “One moms battle” to see a video with Tina & Donna Anderson & also her post.

They also have a great support system on Facebook. If you choose to chat on Facebook with them I would highly recommend that you open a fake email & a fake Facebook page so that you can chat freely without your ex, his family or friends from seeing.

It is common to get a “mental evaluation” so get one on your ex!! Ask about this process on One Moms battle facebook or thru a email to Tina Switfen. Also ask how to get help from the court system aka supervised visits and “wizard” etc.

Wishing you all the best for you & your child.

Hugs to you!💜

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