Reply To: Types of psychopaths


was crushed

Hello all,
I’m really curious as to what “type” my narc-ex would fall into. I’ve never read the book, but I do plan to get it soon. I’m not sure how indepth I’m ready to go the may story. But I will say that once wasn’t enough. It took him 2 times to finally break me to the point of hating him, and still down deep loving him at that same time. The second time I let him into my life he helped drain my bank account of nearly $50,000.00 on top trying to lord over me when my money was gone, he change bank accounts, and proceeded to tell me if I needed more money for the monthly bills, I could tell himwhat it was foe and if he thought it was a valid expense he would give me the money.But when he accused me of taking money out of his account without his permission, that’s when I started packing his belongings up. It really depresses me to think about all the crap he has done to me, and accused me of…and I countinued to try to love him anyway, I’m sorry, that’s all I can do for now. thank you all!!

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