Reply To: Do I sacrifice my 15 year old son whose father is a sociopath to save my family?


Donna Andersen

bradys1mom – Maybe you should consider a “tactical retreat.” your son will be 16 in July – that means in 2 years he will be 18 and able to make his own decisions. I think your goal between now and then should be to maintain communication with him however you can. Will you have a chance to talk to him at the hearing? If so, tell him that you love him and you’re doing your best to be with him.

A sociopath’s prime objective is to “win.” So if you do not prevail in the hearing, maybe you can let him have his “win.” Sometimes, once they win, they lose interest. So if you can at least secure some level of communication with your son, and you stop fighting the court battle, your ex may not care if you actually communicate.

Keep telling your son that you love him. And perhaps explain that at this point, your best alternative may just be to wait it out. Once he ages out of court control, your son can do whatever he wants.

Don’t look at it like abandoning him. Try to set it up so that you can communicate with him over the next 2 years, support him while he puts up with the insanity his father will create, and be ready to welcome him back when he turns 18.

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