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Alyssamarie, sending you hugs today. What a nightmare you are dealing with this very manipulative man.

Do you realize your husband is a sex addict?

When I first moved into my ex h home I found a porn magazine. I was extremely upset as this is not the type of man I wanted in my life. My father never had these types of magazines nor my brother or any other male in my extended family. So I was pretty shocked to see this. Of course he blamed it on one of his friends “leaving it at the house”. I did not buy his bs. Told him that our relationship would be over if I found another one. (this was before the internet).

Fast forward many years…we had been married 7 years or so. I had just found proof of his 2 year affair with a co-worker (he denied it through the two years as I had my suspicion) and he had begged me to stay with him promising he would “change” & “would do everything to save the marriage”. I wanted to leave…he used every trickery to keep me under his control pity play manipulation, blame shifting, etc etc and never changed or did anything to save the marriage.

About 6 months after finding out about his affair, he asked me to go on a business trip with him. I did not want to go but of course he knew how to manipulate me to get what he wanted. So there I was sitting in the hotel & decided to look at the internet. Some how I stubbed upon his history and there it was porn site, after porn site, after porn site. I was done. Leaving him. I called him told him what I found. Told him I was leaving to go home. He rushed back to the hotel. Gave me that whole song & dance manipulation show. Told me “it would never happen again” & “he would never look at porn again” etc etc.

It was ALL lies…100% of what he told me was a lie. I stayed in the nightmare of a marriage for 5 more years because he continues to break my spirt down everyday to keep control over me.

By the 12 year mark there was no trust on my end. When I finally escaped I found out that he had been cheating with 5 women, 3 of them he was having sexual relationship with. Not sure about the other 2. His porn habit never ended. On his old computer I found sites that he had been chatting on “hook up sites” etc.

When I finally crawled out of his hellish world, I was a shell of my former self. I was lucky enough to find a counselor who recognized all the anguish I had endured & told me straight away that I was married to a sociopath.

From the counselors information I began to search the net for more answers. What I found unraveled all the lies, at least the ones that I experienced but with a sociopath you will never know the full truth of their deception.

What I found on the net:

Porn addiction is TWICE as addicting as alcohol or drugs.

70 – 90% of porn addicts are sociopaths

These type of guy whether your husband is a sociopath or not NEVER CHANGE. The fact that your husband is looking at this crazy porn which is next level of porn shows you EXACTLY where his mindset is. This is a major addiction. Counseling for these types NEVER works.


Can he harm your children with sexual thoughts and porn addiction?



How do you protect yourself and your children?


The fact that he is looking at “Craigslist back pages” leads me to believe that 99% that he is cheating on you with hookers or people that are willing to engage in disgusting sex acts. Many many victims have posted that they found their husband/bf on these sites and later found proof that their husband/bf where hooking up on these sites by either contracting an STD or found text message etc.

You need to open up your EYES WIDE OPEN. This man is a DANGER to your health and to your kids health and also to your and your children mindset.

IF you think that he is not doing the things in the Middle east that he did in the US because of their “religious country ethics” think again. I have traveled in the middle east for business. I had that mindset too until one of my co workers told me that he was solicited at the bar by a high class hooker. This was a 4 star hotel in a very religious Middle Eastern country. I was shocked to hear this. Your husband with his sex addiction will find someone over in the Middle East to fill his to fill his sexual addition.

Take this time away from him to get out of their emotional, mental & verbal abusive relationship.

1) find a counselor who is extremely knowledgable about sociopathic abuse.

2) go to your local abuse center and ask them to help you with a Exit Plan & Safety Plan out of this relationship. Also do a search on this.

3) Donna Anderson here at love fraud just did a video with a counsel named Mary Ann or maybe Ann Mary (cant remember)..if you can speak with Mary Ann via phone. She may charge a small fee not sure but she is excellent.

One thing that she mentioned in her video with Donna is the number one thing a victim of a sociopath feels about their relationship is “Confusion”. This is a tail tale sign you are dealing with a sociopath!!

Also Donna Anderson here at love fraud for a small feel will do a phone consultation with victims. Go to the top for this info.


He is using “Sociopath Blame shifting” to keep you under his control. DONT BUY HIS BS!!

Keep reading everything here at lovefruad to open your mind up. Also Donna Anderson has written a book (see bookstore tab up at the top) called Lovefraud 10 signs you are dating a sociopath which you will benefit from reading.

Do you know that manipulation is a form of emotional & mental abuse?

Do you know cheating is a form of emotional & mental abuse?

Do you know that lying is a form of emotional, mental & verbal abuse?

Do you know that the bulk of domestic abuse is not physical abuse but rather emotional, mental, verbal & financial abuse?

Phsycial abuse in a domesitc abusive relationship typically does not occur until the vicim is ready to leave or has just left the relationship. This is why it is so important to have an EXIT plan & Safety plan (google this and look on you tube also for videos) of your marriage.

You can not change this man…you can not heal this man. The bulk of people that have sex addictions will never heal these addiction. Remember 70-90% of sex addicts are sociopaths!

Do you know its time for you to walk away from this abusive relationship?

Reach out to Donna Anders, Mary Ann and your National domestic violence hotline (USA 800-799-SAFE 7 days a week even holidays).

It’s time you had peace in your life again!!

Wishing you all the best!

Take care 💜

ps if you have children with him look at the site One moms battle and also their Facebook page. You can also get help on their Facebook page for divorce (even if you dont have children with him). If you chose to chat on Facebook, I would highly recommend that you open a fake email & then use that fake email to open a fake Facebook page so you can chat freely without your husband , his family or his friends seeing what you are cheating about.

Makes steps out of this marriage WITHOUT your husband knowing…bit your tongue because you dont want him jumping on a plane back to manipulate you from leaving him. Take this time to make steps out while he is gone.

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