Reply To: Do I sacrifice my 15 year old son whose father is a sociopath to save my family?



You gave 17 years of your life to a sociopath already. Don’t give him one more second of it. I’m amazed at the ability of trauma survivors to recover and reinvent themselves (myself being one). I’m sure you have a lot of grieving to do. But you also have a lot of living to do, too. You can be a role model to your young daughter of how to overcome adversity and live a life with meaning. Remember the serenity prayer? There is only so much you can do and the rest is not in your control. You deserve some measure of peace in your life, bradysmom, in spite of all that is happening with your son. I am also sending a prayer that in a few years, your son will remember the mom who loves him and he will come around. (((hugs)))

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