Reply To: Do I sacrifice my 15 year old son whose father is a sociopath to save my family?



Thank you for writing me. I burst into tears. This man has ruined my life with my oldest children (23 & 22 who now side with him) taken the life of our son together 15 year old Brady and now is cancerous to my 11 year old daughter and 7 year old son. He has stripped me of my four homes, all money, all self esteem, put me in jail, on and on just for sport . These men aren’t playing if you meet one. I’ve sacrificed 17 years of my life and spent over 1 million dollars for lawyers to help my son Brady but it doesn’t matter. He refuses to follow ANY court orders and no Judge enforces the orders. He owes me over $500,000.00 but I will never see it. I just want my son BRADY JAMES BURFORD to live and if he is harmed in ANY way let this be one of NUMEROUS clues I gave that his father wants and does harm him physically. My heart is broken. Why don’t the courts get it?! It’s SO obvious!

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