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No more work yet, but I am in a better mood. It is just one of those things that takes a week or so to pass. When I was with my first sociopath (boss at a university) I stayed being bullied by enablers for five years. That gave me a really distorted view of reality that feeling like crap would last forever. It took me about 2 years to get over that. Then, of course I met the latest pair. I think I still have flashbacks to the “institutional” sociopath.

I think this is another “type” of sociopath in keeping with your original post. I think I used to work at a sociopath organization. The people there routinely falsified legal documents, forged documents and pathologically lied. I have a tape of a meeting. The official minutes of the meeting are the opposite of what was discussed and concluded at the meeting. Yet the doctored minutes are the official record of what went on. I call this “institutional gaslighting”. It sounds like your transit center might be an institutional sociopath. This means sociopaths thrive and are never pulled into line. Therefore, good people leave and only the scum are left.

Is this latest woman sociopath of yours someone you can avoid? I am sorry to hear your chronic condition is flaring up. I think a lot of the stress of a current situation is probably a “flashback” accumulation of previous harassment experiences. Abuse by sociopaths never really get resolved (ie there is no answer to “why???”) and we get away from the abuse by leaving. However, leaving an abusive situation doesn’t ‘resolve’ the confusion, turmoil, hurt and anger. I think it is this unresolved stuff that contributes to the experience of stress related to a new encounter with the latest sociopath.

It is very unfair. I don’t know if I will ever totally heal from the damage to my trust caused by the many, many enablers of abuse. These were the people who changed dates on documents, and falsified minutes of meetings and approved demotions based on nothing more than the request of my abuser (who was lying). I don’t have physical flaring up of physical ailments, but when I am in similar situations where I feel things are unfair, or I am not being told the truth, I end up being sad and grieving because I think these are my chronic flare up of the psychological damage that was done.

I think you are resilient and I am very glad you are concerned about me. There are very few (none, actually) people in the ‘real world’ who understand what it is like to be the victim of a sociopath. Unless they have been through it themselves, it is too unbelievable.

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