Reply To: Narcissit advice, how to get them back



Dear Jimbob88, you don’t have to do anything to get her back except to leave her alone. As she is a narcissist, she may come back all on her own some day for another round of games. What you feel for her is like an addiction you would have to a drug. You need to be strong and break the addiction. It is very painful, but something you need to go through. Eventually, you will look back and see all the red flags, such as the fact that she already had a boyfriend she was cheating on. And you’ll know next time you see those red flags to heed the warning. Anyone who cannot break up with their spouse before they start another relationship is showing signs of weak character at very least. It takes a strong character to have a healthy relationship.

Meantime, get to the gym, take a class, do some things to make yourself feel better. And let yourself feel the pain of the loss – it may take a while. You will need to be strong for the next time she comes around. Don’t let her hurt you anymore – you are worth more than that.

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