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@stargazer, there might be a couple of reasons. I can keep up with the drama they cause. I am rather low empathic, mirroring mostly fills that part. Experienced mobbing among other abusive things in childhood, and have become very guarded over the years; showing real emotions and especially bonding with people is difficult, to the point where I questioned myself if I am capable of real connections.
Almost all of the romantic relationships I have had with narcissists were in my teens. I found it entertaining to see how far I could push them before they either break or snap. When I reached my twenties being “the destroyer of men” got boring and also realized how damaging it was to them. I am not destructive and actually want to be a really good person but at the same time, I don’t want to be someone people can just harm all the time. Unfortunate sometimes a thick shell grows spikes.
The only narcissist I meet regularly is my best friend. Why? We have been friends since childhood. And later started working together. She is a makeup artist while I am working in TV production, so it is very beneficial for both to keep up a good relationship. And besides, she has great humor and always knows how to liven up a dull party.

I am still puzzled how the US was able to elect a man that already during the elections obvious showed he wasn’t a good fit for the office. And you are right, it is quite scary.

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