Reply To: Why I hate narcissists



Well you did mention that you were low empathic and have trouble bonding. I don’t know if that means you fall somewhere on the sociopathic scale or that you have just been hurt so much that you are guarded. If it’s the latter, things could definitely change for you if you wanted them to. If it’s the former, then we are talking in two different languages. Personally, I don’t want to use people or play games with them. I think we all play some games to some extent in social situations. But empathic people strive to have authentic, intimate, and loving connections with others. To the degree we are too defended to experience that, we play games. And when we become aware of the games we’ve played, it can be quite painful. This is something a sociopath cannot understand because they do not seem to have the capacity for self-awareness or for empathy. The games become their primary form of interacting with others.

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