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I think I might understand what you mean about the chess game, angelofdarkness, because I almost feel like it’s a chess game blogging with you. I don’t know if it is your desire to let others get close to you but if it is, I believe a good therapist might help you break through. And if not, then I wish the least possible harm to those you manipulate, I guess. Not sure how else to respond. I don’t sense you are looking for help or advice, so it’s a little strange hearing how you view relationships as games. Empathic people do not do that.

Sociopaths do not have the depth for introspection and real self-awareness. Of course they know they are exploiting people. They may know they are different and that they lack some capacities other people seem to have. They may feel very frustrated about that. And they may feel delight at duping people. They can also be bored and know they’re bored. That is probably the extent to their awareness. The range of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of which they can become aware are very limited.

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