Reply To: How long did it take before you started noticing fitst red flags?



I had red flags after a week but we met online so I wrote it off to the entire online scene. I remember one day my entire body was screaming ‘RUN!’ but I could not underhand why so I didn’t. I wanted to know why I should be running. The interesting things is that my guy never messed up his lies, he never contradicted himself with another lie. I know that lies become hard to keep track of after a while but he never messed up. He just consistently lied.

I did the same thing as you, told myself that I am just not with it, I am sure he meant this, not that. I am overreacting….and so on. But our guts and intuition is so accurate so sometimes we have to blindly trust it. The key word for me here is ‘blindly’ because I would have spared myself 2 years of lies and misery if I just ran.

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