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Macus1529, If he is in fact in the military, he is screwed. Adultery is a punishable offense in the military and not one they take lightly. The sociopath I dated was in the army and claimed he was separated from the wife and filing for a divorce. Of course, he was lying about the separation and divorce. He was also faking an injury to get a medical pension for life, but I didn’t know about that until much later on, after the bizarre break-up. I, too, felt sorry for his wife. But when the truth all came out, it turned out his wife had once divorced him for being a pathological liar (his platoon sergeant told me). Then she remarried him (!) presumably to share in his phony pension. I became the main witness to get him convicted of fraud and adultery. The option is open to you if you feel a strong need for justice. You can find out who his platoon sergeant or commanding officer is and turn him in for adultery. Be prepared for him to lie and pretend he never knew you. It definitely helps if you have pictures, emails, and voice mails, as I did. His wife will then find out without you ever having to tell her. If you don’t want to pursue this, and you just want him out of your life, allow for the possibility that his wife knows quite well what he is but stays with him anyway.

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