Reply To: Is dual personality possible?



I appreciate your input. I do not find pleasure in causing harm to people. It’s one thing that a wife contacts the mistress as Jan7 did, and another for the mistress to contact the wife as that is seen as revenge. I do not have that need, nor to contact his military unit. I was just wondering if it’s even possible for a sociopath to behave differently towards different people. I assume the mental illness is still the same regardless who he is with or taking to, so as Jan7 said, it doesnt matter who they talk to. Yes, I elect to let him go and obviously, I have more reasons than just his sociopath behavior. As ridiculous as it sounds, I feel sorry for his wife and I wish I could offer her support – but I think it’s better if I stay away as I am sure I am not looked at in any good light, regardless that I did not know about his marital status.

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