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Hi Sweetness1986, he is very manipulative. Your gut is telling you he is “using you” for sex, hotel & food. Believe your gut!!

This is not normal behavior for him to just walk out on a relationship over & over & over.

He most likely called for his “underwear” to control you & push your emotional button. They want us be an emotional wreak when they leave because then they have more control over us.

Write down everything he has done to you since day one that has hurt you. You will see that he had done endless things since day one that you have forgotten about. This will open your mind up to the truth. He is not a good guy & what you see right now in his horrible behavior is what you are always going to get from him. This is his habit in relationships.

It’s up to you to just say “Enough”. I deserve better then this guy.

Are you sure he is not cheating?

These types usually disappear because they have a new supply that is feeding their ego & giving them a place to live, food, sex etc. Then once that new supply has had enough of their using behavior they kick them to the curb. This is why a narcissist or sociopath keeps people (past relationships) still on the hook = so they always have a back up plan for a place to live etc.

It’s not easy to break it off with a narcissist. It requires mindfulness of your own behavior & emotions. We become addicted to their controlling ways. It’s not easy to break this bad addiction. Just like say alcohol or drugs. Again you have to be mindful.

When you feel sad, angry, lonely, crying etc. come here and read read read everything. Also watch the videos up at the top of this site. This will open your mind up during the times you want him back in your life. (Which by the way reading your post you really dont want him back you are just addicted to him & the drama & chaos he brings into your home).

FOLLOW THE “NO CONTACT RULE” (do a search on Lovefraud up at the top right corner & also on the net). Then follow this rule!!! IT’s the only way to break the addictive habit he has created in you.

It’s not easy at first to follow the no contact rule but the more time you have away from him the easier it gets. Fill your time with other things = spending time with your children, exercise, a hobby you have always wanted to do or even spring clean your home. What ever it takes to keep your mind on other things.

If you can change your phone number do it. Stop looking at his social media or photos of him. This is part of the No contact rule.



Come here & vent if you need to clear your mind virus contacting him. It really does help.

Wishing you all the best.

Take care.

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