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Thankyou so much for your reply he did text me about the underwear and I said when do you want to come get them and he said I don’t know.
I don’t think he’s cheating with us it’s like he doesn’t cheat when we aren’t together but when we’re together he will msg other women like it’s the excitement side and then when we split up he can’t be arsed to cheat if that makes sense ?
I haven’t caught him cheating the last two years but I can never say 100% but I know he’s down his dad’s right now as I saw pics of him there with his kids on FB.
He started dragging up the past last night and a time I ‘really hurt him ‘ it was one incident two years ago he’s done lots of nasty stuff to me since that time and that’s all he ever drags up.
I haven’t been in touch with him and I haven’t acted needy and cried like I have done in the past he wanted a reaction last night and I’m so proud of myself for not giving it to him.
He said he’s getting his own place this time and not living at his dad’s I don’t believe that as he won’t spend the money he doesn’t even give me an extra ten pounds if I ask.
It is hard not to contact I want to in a way but I’m just opening myself up to rejection hurt and pain which is what he will most likely do if I do contact him.
I don’t think my mind can take that any longer like it did in the past so staying silent is my only weapon against the madness :-/

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