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Thankyou for your replies I’m on day two of no contact it’s a bit harder today. Honestly no decent person would keep walking out it is a for of control and I could kick myself for in the past how I have begged and degraded myself like that.
I know for sure I cannot talk to him as I get pulled back into the farce and that is all it is.
Regardless of whether he cheats he’s still and ugly person inside cheating is just another cog to add to the wheel.
I don’t think they will be the end of it though I don’t think he will just leave me be like this.
I haven’t left the house for two days now it’s like I’ve got into hibernation mode and I can cope this way. My kids are back from their dads tomorrow so I’m going to just try tomorrow to feel better then I do now because right now I feel used abused and like a piece of crap that just got stepped in not worth anything .
Thankyou everyone

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