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Dearest Rosy,
I do not live in Utah so I have no recommendations for you but what I can say is thoroughly check out any potential atty before you hire or enter into a contract.
I thought I had found someone to protect me… promising me and my daughter I wouldn’t lose my home, a home in my name and one that I have paid the mortgage payments by myself…the home where my business, a thriving developmental preschool with an excellent reputation. I have been the main contributor in this marriage between my job and my inheritances and yet…
today I sit here with the realization that this atty did not do his due diligence…. I was forced to settle… under much duress…. threatened that the judge was a “loose cannon”…. challenged about my age in this business.. I am only 64 and then challenged “what if something catastrophic happened to me in 3 mos”- yes…they were trying to instill fear… yet my daughter is educated and fully capable of taking over and running this program- she already is an educator here and is the Administrative and educational substitute…..I was in disbelief of how I have been treated by this Atty.

I was not afforded my 2 day trial as I was supposed to and my atty never met the deadlines of discovery ordered by the initial judge…. when I learned of the structural damage my husband had intentionally done were extensive after hiring a home inspector and then a structural engineer to do inspections.. I pleaded for him to appear before the court to file a motion for allowing new evidence… he never did. I now have to sell my home = lose my business… this home will not be able to be sold for the cost of the 2 mortgages due to the extensive repairs… and I will most likely have to claim bankruptcy.

I don’t mean to frighten you but BE AWARE and hire someone familiar with dealing these disordered individuals. I thought I was safe with my representation… and of course he sits on the board of a battered woman’s shelter.

I have moved from one nightmare to another…. so tragic 🙁

Wishing you the very best in your search for a knowledgeable atty equipped with the knowledge to deal these disordered and manipulative spouses/partners.

I don”t say this to frighten or scare you…. but please do be careful… find a “pro” if you can…. there is a site called to look up lawyers in your area.

With love, light and blessings,

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