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Thank you elle for sharing your emotional story. How sad that you were treated that way…I have forwarded some pointers I learned from your email to my attorney that I found by making some calls (high caliber/expensive attorneys don’t seem to make me feel that they are passionate about helping me/they don’t even reply to my appointment request or read my concerns, so I made some random calls to five star attorneys in my area and found one that had an ability to listen).
It is unfortunate that people like us suffer so much in the hands of this manipulative predators. All I can wish for you is to be Happy, to show that you are Happy without him, happy no matter how he treated you. I found this would be the best revenge.
Thanks for taking a time to share your experience again, and wishing you all the best.
I plan to escape this Sunday and I keep fingers crossed. I pray that I don’t have a heart attack just before getting into the taxi with my suitcases. My husband will be out of State, first time without me as I will pretend twisting my leg and falling ill tonight (I have been sick already long time!).

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