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Dear Jan,
You and everyone else have been so supportive on this platform, I can’t thank you guys enough. I have great news! We were both scheduled to fly out 7.15am this morning to Virginia and as planned last night, I went up the bed of the truck as if grabbing a toilet paper from the garage shelf and pretended I fell and twisted my leg. My husband picked me up from the floor. It worked! I couldn’t sleep all night anyways and we were up 3am wanting to get ready but I showed him I was in pain, I still insisted in going to make sure he has no doubts…Then about an hour before we left I remembered what I learned about psychopaths – They like looking Good! Surely my husband wouldn’t have wanted to be with a disabled woman no matter how pretty she was so I made such a comment. Sure enough he suggested that I stay home to recover so I called and cancelled my ticket. My husband is in line to board now, its about 7 hours with a connection and I am glad he is going far. I feel so liberated. I can finally breath. I still have to pretend everything is fine until I get out of this toxic house on Sunday morning, or he will panic. He is scheduled to be back Sunday night. I have a few days to plan, talk to banks and CPAs, Donna gave me a great advice… What a shame how my marriage worked out!
Anyways, the reason I shared this is because I don’t feel that domestic violence hotline or any such thing is any good for me. I have already contacted therapists for future sessions, so if I continue feeling like a “victim” it would be much harder to emotionally get over this toxic past.I just want to be strong and have another chance in life.
Thanks for the suggestions and support.
This platform is incredible since I can’t communicate about this troublesome issue in any other way.
Thank you all!

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