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It seems you have some of the basics down. My suggestion to you is to remember that dating sites & social media platforms are prime hunting grounds for emotional manipulors/conartists/abusers/whatever you want to call them. These types of people extract and exploit the vulnerabilities of others. They portray themselves as your soul mate mate or otherwise perfect match by mironing us to ensnare us in the first place so be sure not to put much personal information on your profile (this includes social media.) Don’t put yourself out there too much in your profile and after just meeting someone. I would keep it very brief as I understood you get that. I’m unsure of what to do with the photosame except to not put ones on their that give a lot of personal information about yourself, maybe have it taken in a neutral place. Aside from the profile, know the red flags & watch for it in others profiles and them themselves to spot potential problematic behavior ahead of time. it slow, give information about yourself slowly and over time as they earn your trust & not all at once. If you have yet to watch this red flags series, I highly suggest checking it out. There are 52 videos but they are relatively short. I listened to them a few at a time while doing housework or something.

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