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I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I highly suggest you learn about narcissistic abuse (if you haven’t already) in order to understand more about what you went through and that type of person. I always start people with this link
I suggest checking out their entire channel as well. I have so much more information to share, I’ll see if I can find some of the more specific ones to do with attempting to Copa rent with an exploitative person, etc. I love this link from love fraud for parents especially:
Basically, we have to pretend whats most valuable to us is least valueable, even trying to detour them with a decoy “vulnerability.” These people extract and exploit the vulnerabilitit’s of others. They don’t think or frrl like we do, they don’t have our morals so they rely on us to either tell them or show them based on our emotional reaction. They’ve spent the entire relationship gauging our reactions so they know how we’re going to react to what. Do your best not to allow him to provoke any emotional reaction from you because it signals to him he’s found a vulnerability and he will target it. You can kick scream, whatever, just not in front of him or where he could hear it or hear about it from someone else (including children.) If you are on fb, I suggest joining some support groups such as Thrive After Abuse’s. There are others such as Narcissistic support, narcissistic survivor support, & so on. I’m on a couple quite a bit and regularly reach out to others. Another think to look into is HG Tudor on YouTube, his channel is knowing the narcissist (the good videos may be further down on his list as the first ones were attempting to promote his books.) HG is a diagnosed narcissist & sociopath, he has a blog called knowingthenarcissist.Com as well. I know he had a few parenting ones on his youtube channel, it’s triggering but it helped. As I said, I’ll look for more information to comment on your thread on how to deal with coparenting with that type of individual. Hope this helped some, I have a terrible time commenting on here with a mobile device.

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