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Hi Rosy, so glad you posted today! Are you safe now?? I am so proud of you Rosy!! YOU ARE FREE!!! CONGRATULATION ON ALL OF YOUR PLANNING TO GET OUT!!! I am so happy for you hon!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Just to let you know that dealing with a sociopath in marriage is hell, dealing with a sociopath in divorce court is the BOTTOM of HELL.

While you are a good person, thinking that it would be easier to use mediation instead of going thru court, you must realize that once your husband finds out that you have left him & divorcing him he will move into the “destroy you mode” most likely. By starting a sociopath smear campaign against you so that you dont expose him & also try to continue to destroy you emotionally to control you & for you to have an emotional break down. This is what they love to do..break someone down fully. The divorce process is a fun game to them. They love to control the spouse, kids, judge, court personal, everyone!!

Remember they know how to con everyone! Including the mediator & judge!!

Just think how your husband treated you horribly in your marriage, then magnify that by 1000 and that is what you will get during this divorce process when dealing with him.

DONT BE NICE TO HIM BY thinking he is not healthy in the mind & you need to take the responsibility of his horrible behavior!!

Dont show him PITTY…sociopaths love for people to show them empathy & then they will destroy you stealth. Like a cat playing with a mouse!!

Google: Sociopath pity play


Treat this divorce as a business meeting. Be professional but look out for your future well being. And dont expect the lawyer to look out for your financial future. His agenda will be to bill you. Mediators will not stop a sociopath from pushing your buttons in mediation.

In the US there are books on Financial divorce. (most likely in the country you are in too). Just go to a big book store chain they have a divorce section & a section of financial divorce.

For instance if you have been married over 13 years in the US you are entitled to a portion of their social security check if you dont remarry. Also you might be entitled to his pension if he has one. Lawyers will most likely not tell you this.

My advise is get a lawyer that “gets” sociopath abuse.

Second advise = Listen to Donna = get out QUICK!!!!!

The quicker you get the divorce over with the quicker you can heal.

Most sociopath will drag on the divorce process to control their spouse!!

BEWARE he is not going to be nice in mediation or court!!!

I am very proud of you for taking steps to get out of your abusive marriage.

Wishing you all the best!!

Take care.

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