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I actually watched this online movie series a few years ago – all 10 or 12 parts of it – because I found it fascinating. It is supposedly based on a true story. The technique the therapist used on this girl was called “holding”. It was thought that by holding the child and allowing her to rage, it would get the pain out. The same therapist tried the holding technique later on an adopted girl who had attachment disorder. The therapist accidentally smothered the second girl and killed her, so this technique became very controversial and it is probably not used anymore.

I do believe that this child was raped by her father in the very earliest years of her life, and I do believe that she was physically able to release the rage from this that was causing her to behave so dangerously. I did an internet search to follow up. What I found was that she and her mother were working to help other traumatized children recover. She appears to have recovered. I doubt that many children like this recover, but this girl was lucky. (Unless there is a different outcome that I don’t now about).

This is why it’s very difficult to diagnose sociopathy in children, because they are still so malleable.

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