Reply To: Threw away 15 years…



Dear Elfess, you CAN get through it and you should because in spite of all the awful things you are going through, life is ultimately worth living, and you never know what is around the bend.

My old college friend was happily married to a man for 26 years and has two grown children with him. He started gaslighting her toward the end of the marriage and just treating her horribly. He had been cheating on her and lying about it, and tried to convince her she was crazy. Last year, she was a mess and she didn’t think she would make it. This year, she lost a lot of weight, got her own apartment, got a good job, and started making up on all the single life she missed when she was married. She told me that finally after being divorced for 4 years, she is 95% over him and moving on with her life. I have never been with a man for 15 years. But I know if my friend can do it, anyone can. Hang in there. You’re worth it.

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