Reply To: Help he is trying to pull me back in



Thank God you figured out what has been happening before it got worse! Be very careful how you handle the situation when you meet with him. You might not want to meet with him alone. Can you take a friend with you? Not only for your safety and support, but, also as a witness. If you can’t get your property back, you may want to get a lawyer involved and/or consider filing criminal charges for theft against him. I
contacted my narcissistic sociopathic boyfriend about finding out that he got married, he shut down and has blocked me from his phone. I wasted lots of money on him. He still owes me $200 that I will never see. Also, you need to be strong and don’t let him manipulate his way back. He’s just going to hurt you more! You can do this! Stand your ground! You are worthy of a better man! My best to you!

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