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Figure out how to get the property without seeing him. most likely he is never going to give you your things. This is what they do. “Ahh come & meet me & we will talk” then when you get there they just play games & push your buttons to get a reaction out of you & upset you.

The Primary goal of a sociopath is = POWER & CONTROL OVER EVERYONE!

(then of course money, sex, a place to live etc etc)

These evil people always try to suck someone back into their con game. This is why the no contact rule is imperative.

The fact he made a point of stating “is anyone coming” is a RED FLAG!!

BEWARE!! Be careful.

Get everything in writing!!! Best to just if you have to email or text vs seeing him in person. And save everything he sends you. This can be used in court.

Reslilant85 gave good advise.

Wishing you all the best. Keep reading everything at Lovefraud to open your mind from his brain washing LITERALLY! Yes, these evil types literally brain wash & mind control their target victims. You still are a target vicim in his mind since he got so much money from you already.

Do a search here on LF for the following:

Sociopath smear campaign

Gas lighting abuse

Sociopath triangulation

No Contact rule

Also look at the site Psychopathy awareness.word press. com good info there too.

Again my advise is to NOT GO!! Safety first!

And you already know what he is going to do = Manipulate you!!!

I’m sorry that you have been entangled in this nightmare of a relationship. But very happy that you have figured things out & found Lovefraud, which is an amazing site for healing & educating yourself.

Wishing you all the best. Take care.

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