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Just checking in. Everything is done and no contact is officially started and i will never speak or look at him again unless it is in court. There were moments when i wanted to take him back and moments i literally felt sick. Of course he had no money to repay me but i already knew that. And that stare…telling me to look at him. When i read about that stare the first thing that came to mind was our first date and how he was picking up my face so he could look at me intensely. What initially felt like attraction is now realized to be predatory. And he asked me to tell him several times what he had done that was so bad. And wanted to know if i was 99 percent sure or 100 percent sure i never wanted to speak to him again. I literally had to drive off cause he was standing there trying and trying to get me to give in. Its over now. Thanks to those who replied. Now i have to figure out how to recover financially. Thanks again. To awful. I wish I could warn his other victims to be or in process. Maybe one more bad checks charge or theft by deception charge or civil judgement will help.

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