Reply To: Characteristics of a Sociopath



Ha! I actually made a list today of traits my ex had that prove he’s one.

1. Always needed adrenaline rushes and thrills.
2. Eerily calm (even happy) in dangerous situations.
3. Had a huge lack of boundaries. Nothing was “off limits” to him.
4. Admitted to having enjoyed torturing small animals when he was a kid.
5. Had an extremely abusive, neglectful childhood (this isn’t his fault of course but it seems to be a hallmark for sociopaths).
6. Could easily and comfortably have sex with people he just met.
7. Could easily and comfortably have “unethical” sex (married women, prostitutes, transsexuals, cousins)
8. A history of suicide attempts.
9. Could stare daggers into your soul (but had very empty-looking eyes)
10. Lied and manipulated like second nature.

If he’s not a sociopath then I don’t know who is honestly.

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