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Traumatized, It sounds like you are doing the best things you can do for yourself to keep yourself safe and to recover from the harm he caused. It is not an easy road but you will feel better. The longer you have no contact with him, the more clearly your thinking will become, which will help you in taking the best course of action to try to recover some of your financial losses. You will likely see your ex more clearly and come to understand his motives and his way of thinking (which is pretty close to incomprehensible to normal people). Keep in mind that he will do whatever he thinks will work to get whatever he wants as long as he thinks he won’t get caught, including harming you in anyway. You may want to be sure that he doesn’t have access to any information about you; that he hasn’t placed tracking devices, bugs in your devices, or poison somewhere to spy on you or to harm you. Consider deactivating your FB and other social media presences. Blocking isn’t effective because he can look at your FB through a fake account or another person’s account. Consider changing your passwords, and having your devices checked for bugs.
Take care.

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